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  • Sante Adairius 1315 Water Street Santa Cruz, CA, 95062 United States (map)


Khao piak sen | ข้าวเปียกเส้น: a noodle soup, housemade tapioca-rice noodles, chicken broth, shredded chicken, scallions, cilantro, leaf celery, hot oil, crispy garlic (gluten-free)

Som tum Thai | ส้มตำไทย: green papaya salad-Central Thai style, yardlong bean, tomatoes, fish sauce, peanut, tamarind, vermicelli noodles (option for vegan & gluten-free)


Khao piak is a comfort food of Laos. Khao means "rice" and piak translates to "wet." My connection to Lao cuisine started about seventeen years ago. When I first came to the United States from Thailand, I lived with a Laotian family for many years. I learned a good amount of Laos culture, language, and food. Khao piak could be described as a type of chicken noodle soup crisscrossed with udon soup. I remember we used to make Khao piak on most Sundays in a large stockpot. Everyone would line up with a bowl in their hand and tried to scoop swimming noodles into their bowl. We will make our own rice noodles, they are soft and chewy! This batch of chicken is also organic! :-)