Hello! We offer three categories of services: drop-off catering, on-site catering, and small parties.

Drop-off catering is when we deliver food to your venue in catering trays. Food will be ready to eat. No cooking on site. Our staff will not be servicing this party. It’s basically a large to-go order.

On-site catering means that you may need us to assist you with the party for set up and break down. It may require cooking on site. You may want us to serve food. You may want us to pass appetizers. You may care a lot about presentation and food serves in trays just isn’t your thing. This is really depending on your location, needs, and budget. We can work out the details together.

Small parties is when 5-30 guests gather for a special get-together. We bring a team to set up, cook, and clean up. We can help with customizing the menu to fit your need. Food can be served family style or individually plated. Our team can glam up pretty nicely!

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This is a good place to tell us everything we should know. Ask us any questions you have in mind!